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Hedge Trimming To Tame And Shape Overgrown Hedges And Bushes

Hedge trimming

At Lawn Masters of NY, LLC, we pride ourselves on being the top-rated company for lawn maintenance in the Hudson Valley area. So to give you the complete lawn maintenance experience, we also offer annual hedge trimming services to all of our customers in addition to lawn mowing.

Hedge trimming is not only crucial for visual aesthetics; it also keeps unwanted pests away. Neglected hedges can become hiding places for snakes and smaller and smaller animals.

Most homeowners are aware that they need their hedges trimmed but usually procrastinate because they don't know the technique or the process. And hedge trimming is not a task that you should attempt on your own unless you have experience and are truly proficient.

Our specialists at Lawn Masters of NY, LLC are experts at hedge trimming and will treat your yard like their own. Whether it's hedges, shrubs, or bushes, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC is your go-to company lawn maintenance for hedge trimming in Hudson Valley.

Bush Trimming

Many homeowners think that bushes and hedges are the same when they are a bit different. For the most part, bushes and shrubs are the same, commonly grown separately as singular plants, whereas hedges are a grouping of shrubs that form a fence-like barrier around the curb of your property.

Usually, bushes get trimmed differently, and the process can be a bit time-consuming. At Lawn Masters of NY, LLC, we also offer bush trimming as part of our hedge trimming services. With us, you can kick back as we turn your yard into a work of art.

How To Prune Your Bushes

When pruning your bushes, it is best to start with the dead and damaged branches; just to tidy them up and reduce the odds of rot and disease. You should also cut out wilted or dry branches as soon as they appear to remove any potential illness before it even spreads. It's also advisable to cut branches that cross each other, as this type of trimming opens the interior of the bush to more light and air and promotes fuller, healthier growth.

Sometimes if bushes get too dense, it's also wise to select and prune a few whole branches every year. It's also wise to cut or saw branches at their collar, inches above where the branch joins at the main trunk. Doing this will open the plant up to more light and encourage healthy growth in the bush's interior.

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