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Skilled Landscape Drainage Specialists


At Lawn Masters of NY, LLC in Hudson Valley, we do more than just lawn mowing. We also offer drainage systems and solutions for customers with drainage issues or who simply wish to improve their property's landscape and functionality. Our lawn maintenance company in Hudson Valley will come to inspect your yard and determine a drainage system to fit your yard's specifications best. With the best in Hudson Valley lawn maintenance on your side, it will be easy to find the best drainage solution for you.

Whether it is residential or commercial property, a drainage system is essential to your lawn's well-being. It can help control water runoff to prevent puddling and flooding while helping to avoid soil erosion. Depending on the design of your property, we offer several drainage system options:

  • French drain installations
  • Trench drain systems
  • Swale drain systems
  • Slot drain installations
  • Surface drainage
  • Subsurface drainage

The Most Common Drainage Systems

On average, most homeowners have some type of drainage system in their yard. Though there are many drainage systems to choose from, we find that there are three in particular that are the most commonly used by homeowners; the French drain, the channel drain, and swale systems.

The French drain is the most common out of the three. As a subsurface drainage system, it can be effective in spreading and diverting pooling problems. It consists of a perforated pipe using a fabric layer as a filter, placed in a trench, and surrounded by loose material like gravel. With this setup, the pipe can lead a storm drain away from the property, allowing for more effective runoff diversion.

A channel drain is made from stainless steel and is designed with a very narrow groove, effective for lining walkways or following existing lines of other landscape features. Many customers choose this option when they need to divert water away from small pockets between their property and the street's curb.

The swale system consists of ditches designed to divert water flow and direct runoff as needed. You'll see this type of system more prominently used with yards that have a fast-moving sloped runoff. Usually lined with gravel, a swale ditch allows the water to dissipate into the soil slowly. The more popular of the three systems, swale systems are designed to look more natural on your property and provide a visually pleasing quality to practical drainage solutions.

Visit us at Lawn Masters of NY, LLC to discuss these and other drainage system options for your home. You can even sit down with one of our skilled landscape drainage specialists, and we can design a unique drainage system tailored for your yard. If you have drainage issues or just looking to improve your property maintenance, visit Lawn Masters of NY, LLC in Hudson Valley.

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