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Complete Lawn Maintenance & Property Maintenance Serving Hudson Valley & the Surrounding Areas

So, why choose Lawn Masters of NY, LLC? Well, aside from being the best lawn maintenance company in Hudson Valley and its surrounding areas, we also offer a variety of miscellaneous to help maintain and spruce up your home. Not only do we specialize in lawn maintenance, but we are also well-known for our light excavation work and hardscapes. And during our non-peak seasons, we also offer heavy equipment rentals for the customer who likes to get hands-on or may just have a one-time project in mind.

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If you plan to upgrade your home or you're just looking to spend more time outdoors, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC has the perfect hardscape designs to make your outside activities stylish and comfortable. Whether it's retaining walls, building patios, walkways, or decorating pits, leave the complicated projects for us and have more time for the things you want to do.

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Lawn Maintenance Services

As the best in lawn maintenance, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC will take care of all your lawn needs. Our lawn mowing is considered top-notch, and our attention to detail will ensure your yard gets the best treatment. From beautifully trimmed lawns with flawless line designs to seasonal cleanup and mulching, you can rest easy as our hard-working crews treat your yard with the utmost care.

Property Maintenance Services

In addition to lawn maintenance, we also offer property maintenance services that will keep your home evolving with the seasons. Whether you need light excavation, demolition work, or just have drainage issues, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC' property maintenance services will ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Towns We Service

Since 2009, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC has been the leading property maintenance company in Hudson Valley and its surrounding areas, providing Chester, Sullivan, Dutchess, Westchester, and Ulster counties. No matter the location, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC offers various outdoor solutions for residential and commercial properties with competitive pricing and unbeatable service.

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Commercial Snow Removal

During the winter months, snow can become dangerous and annoying to manage; whether it's a blocked driveway or slippery porch steps, snow can make it very difficult to move around at home. At Lawn Masters of NY, LLC, we also offer snow maintenance options to help ease the stress of dealing with such harsh conditions. Whether you just need your yard salted, or total snow removal, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC will make sure you're in good hands.

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