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Lawn Masters of NY, LLC: Middletown's Premier Lawn Maintenance Pros


If you ask most homeowners in Middletown, they'll tell you that the folks at Lawn Masters of NY, LLC are premier lawn maintenance pros who get the job done. That's probably because our passion for thorough lawn maintenance is through the roof. We are very detailed when dealing with your yard. From the lawn to your garden, you can be sure that Lawn Masters of NY, LLC will study your property thoroughly to make sure our recommendations are accurate and efficient for your needs.

Why Are We The Best Lawn Maintenance In Middletown?

Our Middletown customers know that at Lawn Masters of NY, LLC, we don't just take care of your lawn; we take care of your whole yard. We make sure your trees get protected from weather damage with our superior grade of mulch. We don't just cut your grass; we cultivate it with our hydroseeding process, so your grass sprouts two weeks faster and grows more evenly. And if you need to establish a lawn fast, we also offer sodding so that you can have a yard ready for use within three weeks.

We also offer hedge trimming services to make sure that your hedges and shrubs are tidy and maintained properly for the coming growing season as well as cleanup services to make sure your lawn and gardens are weed-free consistently. We also offer annual spring and fall leaf cleanup to cut down on the level of bacteria your yard will generate from rotting leaves.

Property Maintenance and Landscape Design in Middletown

At some point, every homeowner either needs or wants to change how their property looks and functions. Some homeowners just want a patio or a fire pit to add to their backyard's ambiance. Other homeowners may have a slope or pitch in their yard, which can cause water runoff to pool in a particular spot and damage your grass. In either case, homeowners will eventually have to find a good landscape design company to looking at solutions.

In Middletown, the Lawn Masters of NY, LLC team gets known for much more than lawn maintenance; we're also the premier company for property maintenance and landscape design.

We offer excavation and hardscape services that will turn your vision for your residential or commercial property into a reality. Our services include:

  • Decorative Excavation
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Dog Fence installation
  • Demolition
  • Pond Construction
  • Concrete work

If you're looking for help with a lawn maintenance project in Middletown, call Lawn Masters of NY, LLC for a consultation and get started today!

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