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A Skilled Lawn Maintenance Company in Walden, NY


If you're looking for a skilled lawn maintenance company in Walden, then look no further because Lawn Masters of NY, LLC has you covered. Our agents are highly skilled in lawn maintenance, with awards and certifications for top-level lawn mowing and seed planting.

The specialists at Lawn Masters of NY, LLC are very knowledgeable about different grass species. They can quickly determine how often your lawn should be cut or if it may need corrections due to seasonal damage. They are also familiar with different shrubs and hedges and know how far to cut back a plant due to its species. If you need an expert opinion on your lawn in the Walden area, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC is the company to call for knowledgeable and accurate information.

Providing Customers With The Best Lawn Maintenance In The Walden Area

After you call for a consultation, make sure to remember to ask for our services. Depending on your lawn maintenance needs in Walden, we offer a variety of lawn care services to choose from:

  • Weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing
  • Hedge trimming
  • Weeding
  • Sodding
  • Mulching

Whether you just need help with a particular project during the fall or you need constant maintenance all year, all of our services can be purchased on a weekly or annual basis. Just let us know what you need, and let us take care of the rest!

The Go-To Company for Landscape Design in the Walden Area

Many homeowners in Walden want their home to reflect their ongoing life. Whether you're expecting to extend your family or just want the space to entertain more company, you may need to add more space to your property. Our light excavation and demolition services can help create that space on your existing property. And of course, you're going to want that space to feel comfortable, and that's where our hardscape designs for patios and decks come into play.

Call us when you're looking to get started on your landscape design and lawn maintenance for your Walden area home.

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