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Frequently Asked Lawn Maintenance Questions - Answered By Lawn Masters of NY, LLC

Contrary to popular belief, lawn maintenance doesn't just consist of cutting grass. Most homeowners are not familiar with all the variables that go into lawn maintenance during our consultations and have many questions about our services and options. Out of all of those questions, we've found these are the ones that we hear consistently:

What's the difference between hardscaping and landscaping?

That's a great question. Most homeowners aren't aware that landscaping is a combination of hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscaping deals with the solid, complex landscape design elements, such as decks, pools, patios, and driveways. On the other hand, softscaping deals with your yard's "soft" organic ingredients, such as perennial flowers, shrubs, gardens, and trees. Together, they help to "landscape" your yard the way you want.

Why is "hydroseeding" the best way to plant new grass?

Simply put, hydroseeding spreads your new grass seeds across your lawn more evenly and protects them from the weather. The hydroseed mixture of water, fertilizer, and mulch will also add extra nutrients to germinate seeds faster and boost growth, giving you a more lush and evenly grown lawn.

How can I tell if my property has drainage issues that need to be addressed?

Another great question. If not paid attention to, drainage issues can cost a lot of money to fix, so the best advice is to look for the early warning signs:

  • Gushing Gutters
  • Water Stains in the Basement
  • Cracks in the Foundation
  • Flaking and Deposits on Walls
  • Mildew in the Attic

If you see any of these tell-tale warning signs, call Lawn Masters of NY, LLC and talk to a Property Maintenance Specialist immediately.

How often should I have my lawn mowed?

So, this question can vary depending on what kind of lawn you have. If your grass grows more slowly, it may only need mowing once every two weeks. Of course, if your property grows a lot faster, then you may need to cut it twice a week. If you need help to figure out how fast your grass grows, you can call us at Lawn Masters of NY, LLC and talk to a specialist to get the best in lawn maintenance in Hudson Valley.

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