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Professional Excavation For Decorative Or Demolition Needs In New York


As a top-rated lawn maintenance company responsible for most lawn maintenance in Hudson Valley, we've come across many projects requiring light excavation. So for convenience, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC also offers professional excavation services to meet your property maintenance needs; which include, but not limited to:

  • Decorative excavation
  • Dog fence installation
  • Excavation To Install Drainage Systems
  • Demolition

Some customers prefer to handle their excavation projects hands-on but don't have the equipment to do so, and buying all the necessary equipment at one time can become costly. At Lawn Masters of NY, LLC, we also offer affordable packages for excavator, skid steer, and dumpster rentals to aid you with any DIY excavation project that you may have in mind.

The Benefits Of Excavation On Your Home

Excavation can be very beneficial to your home if you're trying to add several upgrades to your property. You can excavate to change areas of your lawn that you no longer use or to repair water-damaged regions that may require new soil. It can change your yard's shape by altering the length, width, and even its height. During the process, excavators use different types of dirt to fill in excavated spaces, which can also help transform the soil and provide you with a more resistant yard to damage from the wind and rain.

Excavation can also help add new decorative elements like fenced-in gardens, waterfalls, or ponds. And with these added improvements, most homeowners will usually see an increase in their home's property value, allowing homeowners to sell their home for much more to potential buyers.

What's The Difference Between Excavation And Trenching

Over the past decade, we have found customers are confused about the difference between excavation and trenching. Understandable, given that both involve removing dirt to create a hole in the ground. However, it's the size, shape, and depth of the hole that determines if it classifies as a trench or an excavation.

With excavation, you're usually creating a cavity that can be any size and shape, giving you free rein to mold the landscape however you see fit. On the other hand, a trench is a specialized type of excavation that creates a narrow space to avoid utility lines and foundation footings.

If you are confused about whether your property requires simple excavation or specified trenching, you may want to consult an excavation specialist about the projects you have in mind. They can help guide you in the right direction and help you decide on the best excavation options to suit your needs.

Serving Hudson Valley and the surrounding areas, Lawn Masters of NY, LLC is the leading property maintenance company to take care of all your excavation needs.

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